Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I'm a BAD Blogger!

So, I fail lately. So many challenges, so little time. Plus, I'm sick atm (winter is coming :p ) so I have little energy to do much! So, this is a post of all the things I was meant to post over the last few days.

First up, my Aussie Nails Disney. This week was Beauty and the Beast- not a movie I'm familiar with, so I did what I remember. Please note that this is a massive fail and I actually don't want to post it!

Next We have Aussie Nails Monday, which this week is 'Green' themed. aka Heaven for me! I've had to dig through my archives for photos of this one, going old school!

China Glaze L8R G8R from the OMG collection. I would have taken recent photos for it, but sick, and crappy weather, and all that nonsense... I do love this though... Such a gorgeous polish

And lastly, today's 'post', my final Paint it Blue mani for April. I used 2 of the polishes I got from the AN Adelaide meetup- BYS Kung Fu Blue and Barry M Amethyst Glitter. I also used some of the caviar beads that I got in the BYS Caviar Nails kit to do the diamond outline- it matched the colours in the Barry M PERFECTLY!

There we go! All caught up now :) Back to normal programming!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. I love that Barry M! I'm sorry you're sick, I have to remember you're in Australia, here in the US we are in full blown spring!! Hope you feel better and the B & B mani wasn't a fail, don't be so hard on yourself ;-) Feel better!

  2. Gorgeous! and I hope you feel better soon! x


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