Saturday, 18 February 2012

Making up for a lost week!

Hello there Ladies (and Gents ;p)

It's been a hectic week for me! One post since Sunday?! UGH, so not like me! So, prepare for an epic catch up! It's now 11:35pm friday night, what better time to catch up?

As some of my beloved readers may know, I have just started a course to become a qualified Nail Technician. Only had two classes so far, but I'm loving it! This week we learnt how to do 'proper' salon style mains, complete with arm massage. It's a lot to take in, but very fun! I had to grab a quick pic of my work, on a classmate.

I was also asked by a friend to do some nails for a photoshoot on Thursday. I haven't seen any photos yet, but she was amazing enough to take one for me!

I love them! I used; CG Turned Up Turqoise, OPI Zom-Body To Love, Orly Androgynie, CG Cosmic and KleanColor Holo Green.

I had a few etsy orders too, so I've spent some time on them, I am SO in love with Milani One Coat Glitter!

And lastly, I must show you one of the perks of my Nail Tech course, wholesale priced polishes! A friend took me to one of the stockists today, where all they sell is Nubar, for very cheap! I was stunned at the range, there were even some extremely hard to find discontinued ones, like Nubar Peacock Feathers! Ugh so gorgeous. I was a little strapped on cash today though, so I only grabbed three, but they were three of my most sort after Nubars!

Nubar Reclaim, Black Polka Dots and Peacock Feathers. Cost me $18 all up, which is less than what one jar of Peacock Feathers would cost online! Not bad huh?

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