Wednesday, 15 February 2012

DS Extravagance

I love OPI's DS range. Granted, I will never own most of them (I can't justify spending more than $20 per jar, no matter how good!) but the few I can get, I will. I have 2 now, DS Coronation and this one. DS Extravagance.

Gorgeous, isn't it? A rich purple leaning on the pink side, with scattered holo throughout. I think I prefer scattered holo over linear, but that could be because I only have one linear! (Remind me to show you that one!)

The application on this, like Coronation, was perfect. I know bloggers say it a lot, but this really applied like butter. So smooth, so easy. I love OPIs brush, it's perfect for my nails.

Two coats was all it needed to be opaque, and I used OPI Ridge Filler (best base coat ever!) as a base, and Ulta3's Non-Chip top coat, and luckily this is not a holo that dulls with top coat.

All in all, another great holo, really loving the options available with polish these days.

...and look at the (obligatory) blurry photo. Taste the rainbow!


  1. I own this DS, along with a vast array of others, and I love it!!! My favourite is DS Magic, utterly beautiful you must get it!!

  2. This is a stunning shade! I wish I had bought it when I saw it for cheap :/


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