Sunday, 12 February 2012

Galax-E (pic heavy!)

I am SO excited about this post! I won a giveaway (my very first!) from Pretty & Polished last month and part of the prize was one of her Frankens, Galax-E.  I'd been eyeing off a few of her polishes on her etsy too, so that was a bonus! I totally need to buy a few more (I'm looking at you, Martian Salad!)

Galax-E is a black, jelly-ish base PACKED with silver and holographic glitter. It is, essentially, a galaxy on your nails. And boy, is it AMAZING! I wear a lot of black, both nails and clothes, and this has become an instant classic! Application was perfect, went on smoothly, and didn't dry gritty at all. In my pictures, I have 3 coats, and a coat of top coat. I could have gotten away with 2 but I've gotten into a habit of doing 3.

I adore Galax-E, I really do. I think I'm going to need to order another bottle soon! Now, onto the pics, shall we? They were all taken in direct sunlight, and I did (as usual) include a few blurry shots, to show off the awesome holo effect!



  1. Oooh, shiny! I'm obsessed with sprinkled black polishes at the moment too!

  2. What a neat looking polish! I just checked out her store and I see she'll be in stock next week-ish. I definitely need to check her out!


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