Thursday, 23 February 2012

CQ Golden Green

Something non-holo! Nice change, huh? I realised that a fair chunk of my untrieds pile were for my Secret Valentines package (which I have found out came from the lovely Emma) so I decided to start swatching them!

This is CQ's Golden Green. CQ is a new brand to me, and I got a great first impression with this baby! Golden Green, while not having an original name, it has the best descriptive name possible. It's a yellow based olive shimmer, which looks like it could be a duochrome, but I'm not sure! If there is any colour change, it's a very slight one.

That said, it is lovely. I'm quite fond of this colour. And I love the shape of the bottle, almost like an oval cylinder... hard to describe really. Very unique though. The formula was a dream too, applied like butter, dried quickly, 2 coat opacity, and the brush was fantastic.

 I do have one question though, WHY do we not have polishes like this in Australia?!

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  1. Hey there fellow Gum Leaf Mafian! Just wanted to let you know that I have sent you a blog award :)

    Keep up the good work chicka!


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