Thursday, 3 May 2012

Since I Fell For You...

Hello again! Today, continuing with my untrieds, I have something I have been very excited about since I hit the "Buy It Now" button! Deborah Lippmann's Since I Fell For You! My very first Lippmann :D I actually squealed with excitement opening the package haha!

SIFFY (hehe siffy. That's its new name now) is part of a DL for Juicy Couture collection. I had high hopes from reading posts on other blogs about how amazing the formula on Lippmanns are, and it did not disappoint!
This colour is right up my alley! I adore dark, vampy, sultry reds, and this is definitely one! It's almost a metallic, it has shimmer and is slightly frosty. So good.

I'm wearing 2 thin coats here, they dried quickly and applied beautifully. I needed very little cleanup! The brush is thin, but still very easy to use, much like China Glaze or Orlys.

One thing I did notice though, is that it glows in direct sunlight, indoors or when it's dark it is a dark, vampy red, but just look at it under the sun! It's almost a whole new polish!

And really, can we just take a minute to ogle over the amazing bottles?! Seriously, it's gorgeous. I felt myself touching it constantly lol...

So, that's another of my untrieds. 3 down, 25 to go! And I really am hoping for some sunlight tomorrow because I have something amazing to show you!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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