Saturday, 19 May 2012

MIlani Hi Tech vs China Glaze Laser Lime Comparison

Hello hello! Shortish post for today, I mentioned I would compare Milani Hi Tech and CG Laser Lime, so I did!

Milani on ring and index, CG on middle and pinky. VERY close, but I wouldn't call them dupes. The Milani is a bit more of a bright green and glossier.

The biggest difference though is the holo particles. The CG holos are like most other holos, very fine holo particles. Milani however, have bigger, more noticeable particles, which make them look pretty darn holo! I also love the way the particles look, it gives it a really cool effect!

So essentially, close, but no dupes. Both are on the sheer side too, I used 3 coats of each. But I can justify having both because they are different. And green. And holo.

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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  1. ohhhhh, i love holo!!!

    best wishes from your new follower! ;)


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