Monday, 21 May 2012

Some Picture Polish Goodbye Shades!

Hello again! Today I have something kinda special to show you. Aussie brand Picture Polish has been discontinuing some of their shades, and I managed to snag the very last ones of the shades I'm going to show you! Lucky, right?! And, to top it off, these are my very first Picture Polish polishes.

Cackle and Bliss. LOVE the names! I'll start with Cackle;

Gorgeous, dusty looking pinky purple. So intense! And for someone who doesn't like pinks, this is a real winner! And so glossy! I have no top coat on in these pics! Easy application, great forumla. This is two coats.

And Bliss;

Hard to capture, but this is divine! It looks almost white, but it's actually a very pale purple! I really love the way white/pale shades look on me, so bright and glorious! This one was a little streaky, but evened out nicely on the second and third coats. Again, perfect formula. I think Bliss is my favourite of the two!

So, goodbye Cackle and Bliss! You both now have homes in my ultra-special draw of polishes that no one can touch!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. <3 Picture Polish...I almost got Cackle a little while back myself!

    1. I love it. But seeing as its the last one, I feel bad for wanting to use it lol

  2. You lucky thing! They were gone by the time I went to order them :( They look divine.

  3. I love Bliss, such a beautiful shade!


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