Tuesday, 15 May 2012

More Nail Art Sets SPAM!

Hello again! I've been crazy busy lately getting prepared for a stall where I will be selling my pre-made false sets! And on top of that, I got LOTS of orders for sets too! I have painted over 700 fake nails in the past fortnight! I've had to put my Etsy on holiday mode until I get my new shipment of nails in, I ordered double this time I never run out of nails again!

So, this is a SMALL fraction of what I've been doing! Enjoy!
 Alice In Wonderland!
 Green and purple leopards
 Glittery 'blood' drips, Pink zebras and Nightmare before Christmas
 Pink with turquoise leopards
 Pink and Purple with fimo flowers and pearls
 Green glitter zebras
 Assorted (click to enlarge!)
 Rainbow gradients with silver shatter
Rainbow gradient tape mani with holo topcoat (pastel version in the works!)

Until Next Time!

<3 Bec


  1. Ooooh I Love the rainbow gradient with the textured topcoat. What a fantastic array <3

  2. They're all amazing!! One question: where do you get your nail tips from ? :)

    1. ebay! I have tried a few different brands, but these are my favourite;



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