Thursday, 31 May 2012

Deborah Lippmann Footloose Duo Part 1

Hello and Happy Thursday! I managed to swatch 13 of my 30 untrieds today, and break my toe! Haha productive! I'm swatching all my untrieds so I can schedule posts whilst I have no internet while we move, because I love you guys!

You know my friend Caitlin? Well, if you don't,  she's awesome, go check out her blog. HSN (Home Shopping Network) had a clearance on some Deborah Lippmann duos and they don't ship to Australia, so she offered to buy me some (I gave her money of course!) and ship them over. 2 Lippmanns for $9.95 plus shipping? YES PLEASE! Considering the polishes are $16 each, and I got 2 for less than $10, best bargain EVER!

I got one of the Footloose duos, containing Footloose, and the polish I'm showing you today, Almost Paradise.

Almost Paradise is a beautiful pistachio creme polish. It's light, bright but not neon, and leans towards a pastel, but isn't. SO COMPLEX. It's gorgeous, really. But, I am a sucker for greens, we all know that. I loved this in the bottle, and then I put it on my nails and it took the love to a whole new level.

As with the other Lippmanns I have (3 now!), the formula was perfection. I was expecting this to be streaky, and it was after the first coat, but I'm wearing two coats here and it's perfection. Dried quickly, shiny without top coat, and it applied like butter.

The one thing I don't like about this polish, is that it makes my skin look tanner than I am! I'm really quite pale, and have what I call a 'moon tan', so this makes me look I actually have some colour to me!

I'll post the other part of the duo, Footloose, tomorrow so keep peeled!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


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