Thursday, 15 December 2011

China Glaze - Senorita Bonita

I adore China Glazes Purples. And this is no different.

Senorita Bonita came out earlier this year as part of the Island Escape collection. It’s a royal purple with pink ‘flecks’ throughout, which I didn’t know about, because I only saw a tiny photo of it and loved that so I bought it. But after getting it in the mail, I was shocked! It is SOOOO much more complex than it looked on the net. It is BEAUTIFUL! It almost looks like a foil from some angles because of the pink flecks in it.

Application was good, it dried pretty quick and I only needed two coats, which I’m happy about, because I’d read other reviews saying they used four coats!
There is a down side though, this polish is SO hard to photograph! No matter what, I could not get the colour to show properly and perfectly and I took about 15 photos!

It really is beautiful though, I can’t wait to do some nail art with this one!

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