Thursday, 15 December 2011

BYS Scented Bright Yellow.

Picked this up today for $3.50. Purely because it’s scented… well… it’s MEANT to be. Supposedly, once its dry, this polish is meant to be banana scented. I, however, was very disappointed, because it just smells awful, and exactly the same as every other BYS I own…

However, the colour is GORGEOUS, so I’m still happy. It’s a bright, but not overly neon, yellow frost. I really love it. It dried pretty quickly, and is opaque in 2 coats. Easy to remove too, which for me is a bonus, because I’ve done like 5 lots of swatches today haha.

So all in all, a good polish, but disappointing in that it doesn’t deliver its main selling point.
P.S please ignore my awful cuticle. I slipped while trying to open something and my thumbnail sliced my cuticle open. that happened 4 days ago, and its still this bad D: and owie.

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