Sunday, 18 August 2013

Make Up Sunday- Apocalips!

Rimmels liquid lipstick line, Apocalips, hit Aussie stores not long ago. I'd read mixed reviews, and wanted to try them for myself before I decided. I have one that is available in stores, and one that is available online.

As I mentioned, the Apocalips are liquid lipsticks. They come with a fuzzy doe foot applicator, but I much rather applying them with a lip brush. The formula is lightweight, and not runny and not too thick, which makes for easy application.

The packaging is super cool, the colours on the tube are the actual colours of the product. So you can get a good idea of what it looks like without having to open it. These colours are Big Bang (top) and Phenomenon. Phenomenon is available in stores here, but Big Bang had to be sourced from ASOS (and was also half the price of what they are in stores here!).

Both colours have really nice pigmentation. They remind me SO much of Rimmels Kate Moss matte lipsticks in #111 and #113 (both favs of mine!). They even smell similar, but the Apocalips smell is much stronger. I did find Big Bang to be a stainer though- my arm still has a stain on it!

 Phenomenon is a nude, slightly peachy colour. I find that it does tend to settle into the lines on my lips a little. It's a very wearable colour, and would suit most people.

Big Bang is a highly pigmented red. This is the closest to a true red that I have seen with this line. Its glossy, and a little bit of a sexy colour ;)

As much as I like these, I have one gripe. They bleed, they smudge, they don't set. I wore Big Bang during a longer shift at work and by the end of my shift, it was EVERYWHERE. If they set, and dried out a little, they would be perfect. Even lipliners didn't help.

Have you tried the Apocalips line? Let me know what you think of them!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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