Thursday, 7 November 2013

Couleur Caramel - Bronzer, Polish and Eyeliner!

The Couleur Caramel products I'm showing you tonight marks the start of reviews of products that were kindly given to us at the Adelaide Beauty Blogger Convention. I wanted to do the makeup first, because its the products I've used the most so far.

Couleur Caramel are a French, certified organic makeup brand. Even their packaging and containers are made from recycled products! I'm not 100% sure on this, but these products MAY not actually be released yet.

This is Couleur Caramel Nail polish in #55. All their products have numbers instead of names. Couleur Caramel advertise their polishes like this:
  • Quick drying - in less than 1 minutes
  • Excellent wear
  • Neat, smooth and even application
  • Trendy colours in matte or pearly
  • Intense shine
Now, yes they are quick drying, and they do wear and apply very well. Trendy colours, maybe  all I have to go on is this vampy dark brown. Intense shine? Definitely. I have no topcoat on in this swatch, just two coats of polish. Could almost be a one coater!

Cooked Bronzer Powder. I really like this, it is super pigmented, and blends nicely. It also comes in a 10g container, so you get plenty, and only need a little! It has a gorgeous shimmer in it, but it is still very wearable. It has soft texture and applies with little effort. It's probably not the best colour for my skin tone but I'll still wear it!

Creme Eyeliner. I was SO excited for this one, I've never tried creme liner before. Gel yes, creme no. This is a pure black, and it is nicely pigmented. It is super smooth, and glides on so nicely. It lasts all day, without creasing, fading or smudging. I've been using this everyday lately! 

I really like all these products, and am so grateful for the chance to be able to have them! I highly suggest checking out Couleur Caramel and LOVE Organics (who stock CC).

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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  1. Oh I love Couleur Caramel! Such a top quality brand. I've been keen on trying one of their polishes and now you've set it in stone :) Your nails look amazingly gorgeous. What a beautiful polish.


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