Monday, 4 November 2013

Adelaide Beauty Blogger Convention 2013! (pic heavy!)

Last Saturday, October 26th, was the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers annual Convention. I missed out on being able to buy my ticket, but luckily, I was able to win one through a competition they ran.

So I got up early that morning, did my hair and makeup and headed down there. I will admit that I was shitting my pants nervous haha! I'd never been to an event like this before and I'm shy in general. But I trundled on!

We were greeted by a banner to welcome us/help us find where we needed to be.
AS we entered the room, we were handed a program with a run down of the day, plus info about each of the brands we would be hearing speak.
This years theme was "Beauty With A Conscience." All the brands and speakers we heard from and learnt about are natural, vegan, or organic (or, all 3!). This excited me, because I do prefer to use natural products for almost anything! The backdrop for the day was the ABC logo and the logos of all the major sponsors.
First up was Guinot, a skincare brand from France. They talked to us about their origins and what the brand aims to acheive, before answering questions and showing us some of their essential oils, which smell amaaaaazing! They then gave one of my fellow bloggers an "Aromatic Facial" for winning the door prize.

This mask looked a little bit uncomfortable! You completely cover the eyes and mouth, leaving the nose exposed. And once the mask is dry, it peels off in one big piece! Guinot also kindly supplied us with a gift bag full of some of their products.

After Guinot had finished, and we'd had a quick morning tea, we sat back down for a talk from Jaala from Love Organic Beauty. LOB are the Australian stockists of French Makeup brand Couleur Caramel, who I have briefly dabbled with in the makeup course I did, so I was keen to find out more. Jaala talked to us about sustainability and keeping makeup as natural and safe as possible. It was a very informative talk, and it opened my eyes to how much we actually put on our faces! She'd also bought some of CC's makeup to play with, and their spring collection for next year to drool over!

After Jaala's talk, it was time for a few games and competitions! A good bit of fun, and a chance to get to know each other a little better. It started with a makeup competition, using Couleur Caramels products. The second one was a Nature's Organics sponsored QR code based scavenger hunt, which I was very lucky to be a winner with my partner. The prize bags for that were crazy heavy!

After the games, we were treated to a delicious vegan lunch from Adelaide based Soda Bar, Two Bit Villians. They made us tasty rolls and to go with them, we were lucky enough to get to try some of their famous homemade sodas, and they customised them for us!

How cute are those labels?! I love!

After lunch, we sat back down to listen to Davroe Hair Wellness. What excites me the most about Davroe is that they are made and owned here in South Australia. They are all vegan and cruelty free, and all the products are biodegradable, and they don't build up in your hair! They showed us some of their styling products and I'm pretty sure we all fell in love with the Fibrous texture product! It smelt soooooooo good!

After the chat, we were invited to chat to them about our hair and they gave us (very generously!) a hair pack to suit our needs valued at $95. And again, they all smell so, so good.

After Davroe, and a quick coffee break, we sat down to listen to Paul, who is a local Barrister about how to avoid being sued as a blogger. Absolutely valuable knowledge, and I was really looking forward to his talk. He answered all our questions and gave us some very good advice.

Once Paul had finished his talk, we were treated (again) to an afternoon tea of cupcakes provided from The Cupcake Table. I myself don't eat cake, but they were pretty to look at! Even if one of the flavours was totally gone by the time I got photos!

After cupcakes, Christina from The Hungry Australian gave us some great photography tips and showed us some of her food photography and made us hungry all over again! I'm always keen to try to improve my photos, so this talk was great and I learnt a fair bit.

Then, we were briefed on the last competition for the day, and then it was time to say goodbye! It was an amazing day, and I learnt so much! Lugging all the amazing goodie bags home was a little bit hard, cos they were so heavy!

I will be posting everything on the blog eventually, I'm too busy testing it all right now!

I had such a great time, and met some really lovely people. Thanks so much to all the people that made the day happen.

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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  1. Wow, that looked like it was such a full on, but informative and interesting day! What a great thing to be able to attend :D Look forward to reading about the products you received.


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