Monday, 4 November 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Indie Spam... I mean, Indie Month!

For the entire month of November, the Aussie Nails Monday crew will be showcasing a collective favourite- Aussie Indies! The Aussie Indie scene is booming atm, and I love it! So, every Monday, we'll be posting our way through a rainbow of homegrown polishes, starting today with blues and greens.

So, I'll be showing off some of my absolute favourites, some haven't even made it up to the blog yet! Sorry not sorry for the pic spam- enjoy ;)

 Love Thy Polish- A Beautiful Mistake
 Shades of Phoenix- Ceto
 Shades of Phoenix- Poseidon
 Lilypad Lacquer- Make A Wish
 Alanna Renee- Avada Kedavra
 Alanna Renee- Reptar
 Celestial Cosmetics- Galactic Holo
 Love Thy Polish - Marine Dream
 Lilypad Lacquer- Zombee
 Celestial Cosmetics- Liquid Lawn
 Love Thy Polish- Swamp Monster
 Dead Set Babes - J-Bomb
 Dead Set Babes- Atlantis to Interzone
 Gloss n Sparkle- Ice Ice Baby
 Pretty Serious- BSOD (possibly my fave blue EVER)
 Pretty Serious- Vt-100
 Femme Fatale- Keeper of the Grove
Femme Fatale- Winter Hyancinth

Phew! Just a few then ;) Hope you enjoy guys, I'd love to hear what Oz Indies you'd like to see more of!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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