Sunday, 7 July 2013

Makeup Sundays: Help Me Ronda - Massage & Aromatherapy!

Not exactly a makeup post, but skincare for you today. Help Me Ronda is a massage and aromatherapy business run by the lovely Ronda. I've been trialling her facial oil for severe acne, and I'll be telling you about it today!

During my course, I was having to have different facial products and makeup used on me and a lot of it was causing havoc with my skin. I'm quite oily normally, but some products would make me very very oily and with that would come alot of acne, mainly on my chin and cheeks. It was getting unbearable, and to the point where it was just depressing me, I was very self conscious. So I started using the oil, and fell in love. It helped me SO much!

This was my face before using the oil. You can see lots of redness. With my face, where there is redness, there is a bump. And they usually hurt.

Using 2 drops of the oil every second night after cleaning my face, after a month and a bit, my face looked like this:
There are still a bump or two, but nowhere near as many. Nor are they as big, or as painful as they were before.

It's a miracle product for me, and for those with oily skin nervous about putting an oil on your face, don't fret! It helped with oil control a little for me!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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