Sunday, 16 September 2012

Layering with Fantasy Fire!

The highly sought after Max Factor Fantasy Fire was released in Australia recently, and I HAD to grab it! I ended up getting 2, but I will definitely go back for more, because those bottles are so darn small!

The first time I wore it, I put it over Barry M Navy (I think it was 2 coats Navy, and one coat FF) and it looked lovely!

 But today, I layered it over Petites Zodiac, and WOW! 

This is 3 coats of Zodiac, and one of FF, topped with SV. My camera spazzed out, and couldn't capture the awesome sparkliness that this mani has. The glass flecky goodness of Zodiac mixes perfectly with the multichrome shimmer of FF.

I now want to layer FF over EVERYTHING! Yup, gonna have to grab a few more jars!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec!

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