Saturday, 25 May 2013

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Eyeshadows!

As well as making some of the most amazing nail polishes ever, Pretty Serious also make cosmetics! I heard that once their current eyeshadows were sold out, they won't be back, so naturally, I bought them all. I'm studying makeup as a part of my course in Beauty at the moment, so I thought I would start doing some make up posts as well here.

So, as I mentioned, I bought all 7 of the eyeshadows. Prepare for pic spam!
CGA- pinkish purple with blue shimmer, almost duochrome
 Into Dreams- purple with gold, blue, purple and red shimmer.
 Morning Java- brown with gold shimmer
 VT100- green with gold shimmer
BSOD- vibrant blue with turquoise shimmer
 Tux- blackened green with blue shimmer
 Forbidden Fruit-  semi-sheer white with goldish shimmer
 From top to bottom- CGA, Forbidden Fruit, VT100 and BSOD
Morning Java, Into Dreams, Tux
I love everything about these eyeshadows. They come in 5g pots with sifters, and they are HUGE. They are crazy pigmented, with the exception of Forbidden Fruit, but that's not meant to be opaque. They blend and apply very easily too, and they wear very well. I've been wearing them over Too Faced's Shadow Insurance and I get almost a full 12 hours of wear before they start creasing. 
 Here's a quick look I did using VT100, Tux and Forbidden Fruit. Such vibrant, amazing colours. I've been taking them into my make up class and all the girls have been loving them too! Like I said, they are discounted to sell out, so if you would like them, please, go here and buy them. You won't be disappointed! Unless you wanted Into Dreams, that's sold out, I know, because I bought the last one!

I'd love to know what you think of me adding in some makeup posts, I was actually quite scared to post this!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec

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