Sunday, 16 December 2012

China Glaze Get Carried Away!

Hi Hi! I have one the China Glaze's newest releases today, Get Carried Away from the Cirque De Solei Worlds Away Collection. This polish got some pretty bad reviews, but instead of giving you any complaints, I planned ahead, and read other people's reviews, and thinned the polish with some thinner before using it. And I had NO trouble with it.

Get Carried Away has a sheer black base, and is packed with black bar glitter, small black and silver glitter, and larger hex glitter in black, silver and a pinky-coppery colour. It's very complicated, but I love it! And I am not a fan of bar glitter!

I layered GCA over A England Perceval, the greatest red polish ever made. I only used one coat of each. The glitter isn't 'hungry' either, one coat of Seche Vite made it perfectly smooth. I think listening to other people's reviews has helped me with this polish, a lot of girls had trouble applying it, but adding thinner, it was just like applying any other polish. None of the glitter needed to be 'placed' on either.

I really love this combo, and hope that a few bad reviews don't turn people off this awesome polish!

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<3 Bec

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