Tuesday, 12 June 2012

China Glaze Refresh-Mint

Hello Again! Another scheduled post today, I'm trying to keep these short-ish and hoping they work properly!

Today I have another one of the China Glaze Up and Away collection for you, Refresh-Mint.

Another one that makes me look tan! Sup with that? Anywhoo, Refresh-Mint is a plain, simple, pastel mint green. Love. Right up my alley, BUT, even though it is green, it's not my favourite from this collection (of the 5 I have), I'm leaving that for later!

This was a little streaky, I have 3 coats on here, but thankfully it evens itself out eventually! This collection is super glossy too, I have no top coat on and it was pretty shiny!

I think this is a really cute, fresh colour that I can wear all year round. And I do plan to buy back ups of all the ones I have, because the colours are just phenomenal. I love wearing pastels in winter!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


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