Tuesday, 17 April 2012

GOSH Holographic (LOTS of pics!)

Oh. My. God.

Checked the mail this morning and in there was a package from the lovely Casey, who I swapped with recently. I had one of her lemmings, and she had one of mine!

Yup, GOSH Holographic! This is supposedly very close to Chanel Holographic, which is LONG gone, and the GOSH itself is discontinued, and pretty pricey (i just saw one on ebay for $80!)

It's so amazing. Even now, at 3am (I really need to stop late night blogging!), in the light of my living room, I can still see the rainbows. And to be honest, it really didn't look like much in the jar, and then I put one thin coat on my thumb and I think my brain nearly exploded!

Holographic is a bright silver with a CRAZY linear holo effect. Application on this one was, frankly, a bitch! I used 2 thin coats, but had to touch a few spots up, due to balding. Note to self, do NOT try to paint over wet polish with this one! I've heard that GOSH's Aqua Fix (or Nfu Oh's Aqua Fix) Base Coats are made for these kind of polishes, but I don't have either, so I used my trusty OPI Ridge Filler Base Coat. And I do believe it helped, after hearing from others experiences. But, besides the balding and thin formula, it applied quite nicely and dried nice and quick!

My favourite thing about this polish is the holo effect itself. On certain angles, it shimmers the most awesome bright green I have ever seen in a polish, however, I couldn't manage to capture it! It really is the coolest thing though, you can see hints of the green in the photos, but to see it almost all over the nails is a totally different thing!

I think the only downsides to the polish are;
2: Sadly, it's only an 8ml/0.3fl oz jar.

I think what really needs to be said is, "GOSH, bring it back and make it bigger!"

So with that, I must go! (the boyfriend wants to go to bed lol!) I will just put the rest of the pics in, and let you drool over them :p

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. I've heard they're re-releasing it in August :)

  2. Lovely!! Don't you just love a good holo! I do!!

  3. Gorgeous! I can't get enough holo goodness. I've got two coming in the mail this week and I can't wait!

  4. I love this polish! To this day, I'm pretty sure it's my favorite holo!

  5. Wow! Super lucky! I did hear rumors of them rereleasing it though. Hopefully!


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