Monday, 16 April 2012

Color Club - Revvvolution! (pic heavy)

Enough v's for you? Haha! I did this swatch a while ago, (I'm talking well over a month!) and for some reason haven't posted it yet... I'm sorry for neglecting you swatch :(

Mmmm so pretty! I am such a sucker for black/dark polishes, and holos (obviously!) so this is PERFECT for me!

Look at the bottle in the sunlight. Amazing. So much sparkle and holo and rainbows and everything.

I really love the way this polish sparkles in the sunlight. It totally blew my mind. It was not what I was expecting, as I had heard around that there were 'dud' versions of this going around, and mine is definitely no dud! (although, if it were, imagine how cool the non-dud would be!)

The formula on this one was flawless. It was almost opaque in one coat, had to add a very thin second coat, but only because I was rushing around to get ready for nail school, so I kinda slapped it on lol. I don't doubt that it could be opaque in one coat if you are careful. It dried quickly, which was lucky, and it doesn't dry as matte as some holos tend to. And after using it in my course, I have learnt that a top coat doesn't dull the holo.

Color Club really surprised me with this one, I only have one other CC polish, Glitter Envy, and thats mainly because they aren't readily available in Australia, and when I do find them, they're $15 a jar- which is ridiculous. I know they have a few other holos out, so I think I need to track them down!

One last picture, because its nearly 3am (who doesn't love late night blogging? LOL)!

Until next time lovlies!

<3 Bec


  1. sooooo beautiful!
    Crying here because I had this baby once, briefly. I dropped it while unwrapping it and it smashed into many pieces and spread all over the wall, floor, chair, desk etc. I never got to wear it :(

  2. Love this colour! Not sure if you know about - they have CC for $3 a bottle plus postage, you can usually get 8 or 9 bottles sometimes 10 depending on the sizes (i.e. if you get Essie, CND their bottles are smaller than OPI or CG etc) for the $23 postage so it ends up around $5 a bottle for the CC - pretty awesome. Takes a couple of weeks to arrive though...

    Rebecca if you see this, Transdesign have this colour still and I got one not long ago and it is holo!!


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