Tuesday, 6 March 2012

China Glaze Techno Teal

Yes, yes... another holo... Slowly but surely finding time to swatch my untrieds and post them... Mind you, it's currently 3:30 am, so I'm trooping on!

What I have here today is Techno Teal, from China Glaze's 2009 Tronica collection. I have 4 of the Tronicas to show you over time, sitting in my untried pile!

Techno Teal (or TT from now on! :p ) is one of those that look more blue on some, greener on others... On my skin, it looks blue, but it is a LOVELY blue!

It's a linear holo predominately, but it can look a bit scattered. The holo effect is not as strong as something like DV8, but it is definitely there!

For this swatch, I used 2 coats, but if you were careful, you could get away with one easily. I didn't use base coat, but I used one coat of Ulta3's Non Chip top coat, and it didn't dull the holo.

You know, I'm not a huge fan of blue, but polishes like this are why I seem to have so many blue polishes! It is honestly the perfect blue for me. Pigmented, easy to apply, eye-catching, and of course, holographic! Though if there were a non holo version, I would probably have that too!

And, just as an added bonus, I took it in my kit for my nail tech course last week, and did a pedi on a classmate using it! It was her first time with a holo polish, so she was a bit excited!

So, yet another amazing holo! And there are more to come, but I'm thinking my next post should be one of my biggest lemmings which I have ignored! ;)

Until next time,

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  1. Wow, the colour of this holo is amazing! :) I've given you the Laine Award on my blog - http://charlottes-nails.blogspot.com/2012/03/laine-award.html


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