Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Milani Purple Gleam

Hello hello! Today i bring to you one of my favourite inventions ever- One Coat Glitters! I have three of these, and this is the first of them that I shall show you.

Purple Gleam. Vibrant, true purple glitter. It. Is. AMAZING! I love glitter and I love purple, so this is perfect!

Oh it's so pretty... So sparkly! Very eye-catching! They say its a one coat glitter, but you do need a second just to even out the bald spots. More like, one and a half coat glitter...

It is a hungry glitter though, I have 3 thick layers of top coat on and it was still gritty... But I found top coat was needed, because it does dry a little... dull, almost matte... but with the top coat, sparkle sparkle!

It's even pretty in the shade! I think I need to get the entire one coat glitter collection!

Until Next Time!

<3 Bec

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