Friday, 16 March 2012

China Glaze Cosmic

Hello Hello! Friday at last! So I have a very TGIF style polish today!

China Glaze Cosmic was released in the 50 glitter collection back in 2009 (it seems 2009 was a good year for CG collections!) along with Atlantis, which I showed you a few months ago.

It's a black jelly base packed with silver and holographic glitters. It's like a party on your fingers! But seriously, this is definitely my kind of glitter polish! I know that this pic doesn't do it a lot of justice, but look at it blurred;

Sparkle sparkle! Ugh, I love it so much! It's almost like an effortless version of galaxy nails...

Now, I do have a few minor complaints. I used two coats of Cosmic to get opacity, but it was SO gloopy. Very thick, and hard to work with. Could just be my bottle, and I am the first to say I neeeeeed some polish thinner, but this was really not fun to work with. And it dried gritty, I expected that, but this was like gravel... I put it down to how thick the polish was.

 If it wasn't so damn pretty, I think I would have been annoyed with the thickness and grittiness of it. But look at it! How can i stay mad at something so pretty?

Until Next Time,
<3 Bec

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