Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TIHC x2! Graveyards and Trick Or Treat!

Two manis today! Mainly because I missed yesterday :/ but I have tomorrows mani done already!

So today I have 2 of the final 3 This Is Halloween Challenge manis. First up is Graveyards. I thought a little out of the box with this one, and it relates back to one of the recent episodes of Doctor Who. Yes, I am one of those people! Haha!

Anyway, in the episode in question, my favourite Doctor Who 'bad guys' are the Weeping Angels. (For more basic info, click here) and these kind of angel statues are things you'd find you in a graveyard (and they were in the episode!) These guys never fail to creep me the hell out!

I used Essence The Dawn Is Broken, China Glaze Recycle and Ulta3 Black Satin. Finished off with Essie Matte About You. One of the better manis I've done this challenge!

The second one today is Trick-Or-Treat. Again, I went to one of my favourite things, the Nightmare Before Christmas!

The three naughty henchmen, Lock, Shock and Barrel! Not happy with how these turned out, but it'll do. It did give me a chance to finally use Cult Nails Iconic. What a stunner! I promise a full swatch soon ;)

I used Iconic, Ulta3 Kiwi Kaos, Borghese Red, and Ulta3 Lily White and Black Satin.

So, one more day left! So keen!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. The angels creep me out so much!!!! But they are one of my fave Dr Who aliens/monsters whatever you want to call them. Great manicure :)

  2. i love it, i love the doctor who and the angels!!!

  3. I SOO wanted to do Weeping Angels for this challenge! Sadly, my skills limited me, but yours turned out great!


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