Monday, 22 October 2012

TIHC: Gradients!

I had a few girls request that gradients made the list of challenge themes, and today's the day! I really wanted to do something a little different for this, and I think what I came up with was a bit different indeed!

Enlarge the photos to have a closer  look! My inspiration was burnt pages with DIE written all over them, and the red is blood, obviously ;p

I used 1 coat of BYS Black Satin, then sponged on 2 layers of Ulta3 Allure. Added a bit more black over the edges and tips, and wrote the word(s) on with a nail art pen. Topped it off with NYC Matte Me Crazy and then sponged the red on (Borghese Red) and left it without topcoat.

This is one of my favourite manis I've done so far in the challenge! I'm loving how creative everyone is!

Until Next Time,

<3 Bec


  1. This looks amazing! Creepy and cool at the same time x

  2. I love this! Very original and well done. :)


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