Sunday, 9 June 2013

Australis Totes Smokin Eyeshadow Palette

I hereby dub Sunday's "Make Up Day" here at LacquerDreams. So, every Sunday I will (try!) do a make up post for you.

Today, I have a palette from an Australian brand, Australis, that has been one of the BEST makeup purchases I've ever made! And that's a pretty big call! I picked this baby up for an absolute steal during a Target sale, I paid $4.83 for it. Bargain!

The 'Totes Smokin' palette comes with 8 colours, all of them very, very versatile colours. Obviously, the intention of the palette is to create smoky eyes, and you can totally do that, but you can also use the colours for plenty of other looks- subtle neutral, work/office appropriate, anything!

 The palette itself is black plastic, with a large mirror on the inside of the lid. It's not small either, almost as big as my hand! The outside of the palette is glossy black (and clearly picks up ALL the fingerprints!) with the brand name in metallic pink on the front. It comes with a double ended sponge applicator, but I always immediately throw those out and use a brush.

 with flash
without flash- this is almost 100% colour accurate

The shadows are fairly big, and they are quite pigmented, especially the darker colours. I was surprised at how much pigment they have! Apparently you can also use these wet, but I haven't tried that, yet!

 top row
bottom row
I really love these eyeshadows. They all compliment each other very nicely. They blend and apply very easily, and aren't powdery, nor do I have any fallout problems. My one gripe? No mattes! I have 'hooded' eyelids, so matte colours work better in my crease. The second colour on the top row is the closest to a matte there, and I do like using it in my crease.I also really like using the darkest brown through my eyebrows, the shimmer doesn't show much so it's wearable!

As usual, here's a few looks done using the palette, for reference, I've named the shadows 1-8. 1 is the first one on the top, 8 is last on the bottom etc.:

 Shadow 1 all over the lid, 2 in the crease, and 6 on the outer corner.
 Shadow 5 all over the lid, 1 on the inner corner and 7 on the outer corner

 Shadow 3 on the inner corner, 8 lightly all over the lid, and then heavier on the outer corner. Shadow 4 smudged on the upper and lower lash lines.

Overall, I do think this is a really great palette that you all should check out! 

Until Next Time, 

<3 Bec

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